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Start your search for 2011 Gift Ideas!

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It's Crazy Forts Time!

Looking for a birthday present for your son or daughter this fall? Well, I'd like to offer you a special gift which is not just a toy. It's Crazy Forts! With this constructive toy, children will learn so many things. Children of all ages love building fun structures where they can play endlessly in their imaginary world. CRAZY FORTS! makes play so easy and so much fun. Simply connect the balls and sticks and cover the structure with bedsheets to create places where imaginations flourish.

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HP Pavilion TX2510US Laptop, Great Gift for Tech Geeks

Looking for a laptop as a gift? Well I'd like to offer you this Laptop, the HP tx2510us laptop combines powerful ultra powerful computing with Tablet PC capabilities and entertainment features in an attractive design light enough to go anywhere. This is a true Tablet PC: write, draw and erase accurately with the included pen. Twist the display up to 180 degrees to share content and watch films -- or fold it flat for writing. Surf the Web and use applications intuitively by touching the screen with your finger tips. Show off your style with the high gloss HP Echo Imprint finish, inspired by the circular elements found in audio equipment, and more durable than traditional painted surfaces. Backlit media controls respond to the sweep of a finger. HP QuickPlay enables access to DVDs, photos, music, games, and other streamed Internet content. Dual headphone jacks enable you to share films and music without disturbing others. And the included HP Mini Remote Control can be stored in the ExpressCard slot for convenience. Enjoy enhanced security with built in fingerprint reader, which uses fingerprints instead of standard passwords to access online accounts such as banking and email.

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Flip Video Mino Series Camcorder

A Tech Gift With A Mind-Boggling Quality

Despite its diminutive size, the Flip Mino produces video that rivals that of camcorders costing much, much more. With 2 GB of flash memory, the Mino can record up to 60 minutes of VGA (Video Graphics Array)-quality video that looks sharp when played back on your laptop or television (TV cable included). The high-quality microphone captures crisp, detailed audio, whether you're paddling down the Amazon, or rockin' out at your favorite club.

Price for the Flip: 152$ at Amazon
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Super Saver Shipping Women Shoes

Women always love shoes and it is just a great gift for her. Well now there is a super saving shipping deals on all Camper women shoes. Well, to be eligible for the deal, your purchase must be above 25$. Get also other special offers and promotions for selected products.

Enjoy shopping gifts!


Consider Mini Laptop for a gift?

Mini Laptops are great gifts for everyone. Compact, easy to carry. Iits just the latest trend ever since Asus launched the EEE laptop. Maybe you want condsider giving the mini laptop as a gift for your dearest? It's just a great gift!


Binary Time Watch - A Gift for the Tech Junkies

Have you ever heard of the Binary Time Watch?? Well it is the latest trend for tech geeks and possibly will make a great gift for any occasion. Well, a binary time watch basically displays time in binary format. It uses LED lights to display the time. Need we say more? Okay, we will. The watch face contains 10 red LEDs that are used to indicate the numbers of the binary sequence (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32) and the values of the lighted LEDs are added to determine the time. There are two rows of LEDs - the top row for the hours and the bottom row for the minutes. With a little practice even you can learn to read this time format easily.

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Prefer a Gund cute snuggly plush toys for a gift?

GUND is celebrating 110 years of making cute and cuddly plush toys that are sure to become your child's favorite friends. Snuggle up to one today. Pick from various characters such as Gund Dog "Spunky" - Light Brown, Goober Bear, Tinkle Crinkle Rattle and Squeak, Gund Dreyfus Dog and many more! Guaranteed Safety toys for your beloved!

Here are some of them below! Have a nice day!


Cheap and Quality MP3 Players for Gifts

Have you ever thought of giving MP3 players as a gift but having trouble in choosing a quality mp3 player with a cheap tag price? Well there is a lot to choose at

I compiled a list of cheap and quality mp3 players in the amazon widget below! Enjoy this gift idea!


Extraordinary Gift Baskets!

Probably its not just once you gave a gift basket for a special gift. Gift baskets still remain a good gift for a last moment pick when you don't know what to give for a gift. There are various gift baskets available right now, and it is possible that a gift basket could also be an extraordinary gift that will be surprising. Now, it depends on your creativity to choose which kind of gift baskets as an extraordinary gift! Here below, I collected unique gift baskets as a gift idea for the special ones.


50 Cheap Gift Ideas for All Occasions!

Hi Readers,

I have been thinking of cheap gifts that are applicable for any occasion all throughout the year, including Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and more.

Well, If you talk about cheap, lets us agree that cheap is under 10$ and while making the list I came up with great gifts ideas that can be purchased or made by hand! To increase the value of the gift just put them in an inexpensive basket or wrap them with a pretty ribbon and you'll truly have a beautiful gift!

Here's a few of my favorite inexpensive gift ideas...

  • Gourmet coffees with a personal coffee cup

  • Photo album, hand decorated is even better

  • Makeup tote

  • Prepaid photo developing envelopes

  • Homemade cookie mix with instructions for baking

  • Variety of bread mixes

  • Pound of pistachios

  • Child's artwork, framed

  • Journal with special inscription inside

  • Gardening gloves with a plant or flower seeds

  • Special coffee cup filled with candy

  • Fancy magazines tied together with a pretty ribbon

  • Gourmet popcorn and flavored oil

  • Locally made barbeque or steak sauce with basting brush

  • Pancake or waffle mix and a bottle of real maple syrup

  • Movie theater gift certificates

  • Board games

  • Home baked bread, include recipe

  • Disposable camera or rolls of film

  • Basket filled with deli cheese and fruit

  • Craft supplies

  • Holiday serving bowl or platter

  • Pretty basket filled with special jams or mustards

  • Decorative napkins and napkin rings

  • Fancy chocolate bars tied with a ribbon

  • Jar of sourwood or pure honey with biscuit mix

  • Note cards and book of stamps

  • Picture frames, buy them on sale!

  • Specialty cookbook

  • Pretty glass jar filled with candy

  • Collectible sports cards

  • Muffin mixes with muffin pan

  • Books, there are still a few for under $10

  • Set of dish towels and dish cloths

  • Nail polish kit

  • Pretty night shirt

  • Pretty box for keepsakes

  • Colorful Post-It notepads

  • Address book

  • Christmas ornaments

  • Puzzles

  • Blank video or cassette tapes

  • Sewing supplies

  • Basket filled with kitchen gadgets

  • Video rental gift certificates

  • Pepper mill and fresh peppercorns

  • Handwritten copies of your favorite recipes

  • For the pets, gourmet dog biscuits or cat treats

  • Baking pans and supplies

  • Expensive socks, still under $10

  • I hope you will be inspired by this list, after all, it's not the amount of money you spend for a gift that matters the most, but that you cared enough to give something special.



    Pre Order Death Magnetic, Newest Album of Metallica

    Death Magnetic is the upcoming ninth studio album by American heavy metal band Metallica. It is scheduled for release on September 12, 2008 by Warner Bros. Records. The album will be the band's first to feature current bassist Robert Trujillo, and the first to be produced by Rick Rubin. Death Magnetic also marks the first time in the band's history in which all band members contributed to each song on an album, and is the first album in twenty years to feature an instrumental track, since ... And Justice for All. It will be their first studio album released through Warner Bros., although they still remain with Warner Music Group, which also owns Elektra Records, the band's previous label.


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