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A Different Kind of Valentine Day Gift

Author: 10x marketing

Don’t Just Go Out To Dinner- Make Dinner! And Make It Together!

Don’t put the pressure on just yourself to make an amazing dinner- make one together. Start planning early, make it a special time as you shop together and build up the excitement of cooking up something fun together. Maybe it starts in the cookbook section of your favorite bookstore- learn a little more about what food your significant other likes while you flip through each book. Maybe as a special gift, you can wrap up a cookbook as a gift and cook up something from that- or to really spice things up, get them an aphrodisiac cookbook and see where it takes you- who knew a sexy game of cooking could lead to hot results?

Take it Outside!
During the chilly days of February, some people have a hard time making it out to mingle and meet new people, check out new scenes or even participate in outdoor winter sports. Let Valentines Day be that motivation for you and your significant to try learning something new, maybe travel somewhere snowy and romantic. Maybe you really want to kick it up a notch and meet new people together like joining a swinging couple’s scene, or different adult groups who are into new adventures together. Learn to ski, snow shoe or ice fish together- or maybe this is the year you skate on the city pond! Bring a thermos of hot cocoa and see where the chilly day takes you!

Surprise Surprise!
Have you remembered a place or event that your significant other mentioned awhile ago that you may yet to go? Think about who your significant other is: are they into sports? Theater? Train rides or wine tasting? Then- secretly plan a little trip just for the two of you without their knowledge. Maybe book a room at a hotel in wine country and rent a limo. On a budget? You can plan to bike ride through a couple wineries that are close by! Is their favorite football or basketball team playing in town? Buy tickets and stick them in a valentine. Do they have a passion for traveling? Book a dinner train or pack a picnic on a romantic ferryboat ride- or better yet, a horse drawn carriage ride through town and surprise them with a thermos of steaming coffee or chocolate.

This year, create a special Valentine's Day that makes your significant other fall in love with you all over again.


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