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Black Friday Gift: a Digital Photo Frame

Still looking around the net for a holiday gift? Don't wait untik the Friday is black (Black Friday I mean). There's plenty of wonderful gift around. One of them is the digital photo frame. It's the latest gadget everyone would like to have.

Well at amazon you can have it at a bargain price. The product is the Philips 6.5-Inch Digital Photo Frame

The Price is $ 129, wait it has a discount price!! click here to find out!

Product details:

Philips 7FF2FPAS/27 digital photo frame offers a crisp, clear display of your favorite photos on its 6.5-inch screen. The high ixel display shows off your treasured photos with the same real life rich detail and vibrant colors as high quality prints. The full color display brings out the best in your photos with vibrant, real life colors by displaying the same full range of colors found in professionally printed photos. The seven button control makes it easy to adjust and control settings of the frame. Enjoy viewing your pictures in a variety of different display modes. Choose to display your photos one image at a time, in thumbnail mode for quick and easy searches or create a slideshow of your favorite photos. The USB connectivity allows you to upload pictures from your computer quickly and with ease. The frame features SmartPower, which allows you to set the hours for frame to be on and automatically shuts down during off hours. The SmartPower feature reduces energy consumption and saves up to one-third of your frame¿s energy costs. This frame has a high quality design and is made from exquisite materials including a solid stylish stand, designer frame and detailed finishing that conveys an impression of value and refined taste, adding luster to the photos displayed.


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