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Jasman HALO 3 Covenant Plasma Pistol Laser Pursuit Gaming 2 Players Set

The Halo 3 Laser Pursuit Gaming Set with Covenant Plasma Pistols will delight fans of Halo 3, thanks to its realistic look and action. Whether you're having a two-person shoot out or a single-player target practice, the Laser Pursuit Gaming Set offers the chance to make your favorite video game a reality.

For fans of the video game, these Plasma Pistols will look like they were pulled right out of the computer screen. Made of a durable hard plastic and carefully crafted and colored to look just like its video game counterpart, we were very impressed with the hefty, build quality. The likeness doesn't end with just the physical look; the plasma gun also lights up in the appropriate spots, creates realistic sounds, and even has details like overheating sounds. The guns feel wonderful in the hand and aren't uncomfortable in any way.

The guns aren't just collectible replicas; they're functional and with them, you can play a great game of laser tag with your friends. This set includes two guns and two target units, enough for a two player game, but more guns can be purchased to increase the number of players.

To begin play, simply flip the switch to on both the gun and the target. The target unit has a belt clip for easy attachment to the player's body. With each shot you will hear the firing sound from the game, and the tip will light up. When you hit the target, it flashes and makes a sound.

The target has six shield levels that are indicated by lights on the unit, and the game is over when all six shield levels are depleted. Just as in the video game, you can create a super shot by holding the trigger down for at least three seconds and then releasing. This super shot inflicts more damage but will temporarily overheat the gun and disable it. When ammo is used up, a push of the reload button lets you resume. Also, like in the video game, the target will regenerate shield levels if not hit for 20 seconds.

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