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James Cameron's Avatar Na'vi Toruk Leonopteryx Collectible Figure

James Cameron's Avatar Leonopteryx Collectible Figure On a deadly but mineral-rich distant moon called Pandora, ex-marine Jake Sully is torn between duty and honor when he finds himself caught between the heavily armed forces of Earth's most powerful star-faring consortium and an exotic, noble alien race whose very existence is threatened by the human invaders. The fiercest and most feared Na?vi creature in all of Pandora comes swooping in, claws poised with an impressive 20-inch wingspan, several points of articulation and the ability to carry any basic Avatar figure on its back. Includes a display stand and an exclusive i-Tag to bring the Leonopteryx to 3-D life. Na'vi Name: Toruk or "Last Shadow" Description: A ferocious, massive flying creature with a wingspan over eighty feet. Sharp fins on head can be used to injure prey. Powerful talons for grasping prey and perching. Habitat: Mountain aeries and skies. Feeding Ecology: Apex aerial predator. Carnivore. Features: Webcam i-tag - Download at - Place i-tag in front of webcam - Control 3D model on screen Giant 20" wingspan Display stand Over 22 points of articulation Highly detailed movie replica Works with most 3 3/4" RDA figures, sold separately Assembly required Ages 6 +


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